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How much will it cost?

I charge between £75 and £85 per 1000 Japanese characters.

Unlike some translation suppliers, I charge for Japanese characters only. This can significantly reduce your costs – by as much as 10% – compared with a character count that includes alphanumerics.

When very urgent delivery is required, there may be a surcharge. Conversely, if a relaxed lead time is acceptable, I can offer a discount on my standard rates.

My charges generally include all graphic processing of drawings, graphs and other diagrams – removing Japanese labelling and replacing with equivalent English. This makes the content of drawings and other graphics easier to grasp than a numbered ‘key’.

Ask for a free quote

Just click the Contact/Request Quote button and fill in the form. If the document you need translated relates to a Japanese patent, you can simply enter the application, publication or granted patent number. I will then download the document in question from the JPO database and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible. Alternatively, email me the relevant number or attach the document to an email. In either case, it will be helpful if you can indicate your optimum time-scale for delivery.

Reducing the cost

Does the entire document require translation? You may be able to reduce costs by targeting particular portions, e.g., the claims or the description of the embodiments. Or if there are specific technical aspects you wish to identify, I can read through the Japanese text and search for relevant passages to be translated.

Terms & conditions

I base these on the ITI Recommended Model, a copy of which you can find here. On my part, I follow the ITI’s Code of Professional Conduct for individual qualified members.